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Hello Champaign County!

You’ve not had a column from me for awhile! I do have an excuse…the pandemic. Every time I sat down to write something – everything changed before I hit the “send” tab! That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!

Meanwhile, I have nothing but great praise and good wishes for our local educators, and music educators in particular. As a former teacher, I cannot visualize what this past year has been for preparations in music departments. Bless our teachers and students for working so hard to maintain the work needed.

I have had some information along the way – bands all stretched out to keep distancing, playing at football home games, senior band members recognized along side their parents, and one wonderful Zoom choir concert on my computer this past fall. (Thank you Urbana HS Choir!)

I know that Bailey Buell has resumed her music studies at Ohio University, and other college students are returning to (whatever happens at) their schools.

Many are still engaged in music activities. I’m always pleased to recognize them in this column. The uncertainties of the past year have made further following nearly impossible.

I do know that last year’s Junior Winds Band at Capital University is being featured this week on the Virtual OMEA Conference. The group, directed by Ryan Alexis of Worthington, includes first clarinetist Caitlin Burchett of Mechanicsburg,

I am grateful to Axl Pons, of the Springfield Symphony, and Colvin Bear, adjunct faculty at Wittenberg University, for providing the names of Champaign County students who were selected for the Springfield Youth Symphony. and the Youth Choir,

We congratulate them all!

Their names, school they attend and class year are listed below:

-Alex Bowles, Urbana, 12th

-Caitlin Burchett, Mechanicsburg, 10th

-Chris Lallow, Homeschool, 12th

-Aiden Leonard, Urbana, 11th

-Gabriel Lusk, Homeschool, 11th

-Leah Lusk, Homeschool, 10th

-Emma Hall, Stivers School for the Arts, Dayton, 8th

-George Slone, Graham Elementary, 5th

-Bree Stouffer, Urbana, 12th

-Luca Vitale, Homeschool, 12th

-Nino Vitale, Homeschool, 9th

I encourage you to submit any information for local music groups, their members’ achievements, and other music news.

By Jan Ebert

The Music Stand

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