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Xulon Press has just published a new book by Michael Sullivan, former Urbana Daily Citizen managing editor (1987-1993) that cites expert Bible and literary scholars who have illuminated a 2,000-year-old secret: the artistic vocation of Jesus Christ.

“Jesus: Artisan of Beautiful Possibilities” explores the implications of a major linguistic correction; the accurate translation of the word “tekton.” The New Testament “koine” Greek term in Mark 6:3 is now accepted by scholars to mean “artisan” which can be rendered “sculptor” – as well as architect or artist in stone; carving friezes, for example.

“The term ‘carpenter’ is obsolete, scholars now know,” Sullivan said. “This is huge, since God was and is the Master Creator of the Universe embodied in the person, Jesus. His artisanal vocation was certainly a reality, because Jesus the Son was the Creator of the Garden of Eden, the world and the universe — as well as the eternal healer and Savior. His gospel messages were full of stone or builder words and images, never woodworking.”

The title refers to the “beautiful possibilities” of knowing Jesus as Savior whose unlimited artistry of the spirit can transform any situation into creatively wonderful outcomes, according to Sullivan, who adds: “Jesus declared, ‘With God, all things are possible’ and my life has proven this true.” Sullivan said, “Christ can create a spectacular Sistine Chapel of anyone’s life.”

“What better time to revisit the artisanal role of Jesus than during Christmas season?” Sullivan said. “’Jesus: Artisan of Beautiful Possibilities’ showcases the many exciting dimensions of Jesus as a creative artist as well as the Son of God. As the Creator of all creators, his masterpieces of art and architecture were certainly more epic in quality and scope than the work of another great artisan, Michelangelo — who was amazing. Yet I absolutely believe Jesus was a divine Michelangelo — with multiple design talents — that I outline in the book.”

Sullivan’s sources include the Bible, historians, prominent authors, and experts on modern spirituality, psychology and quantum physics.

The book is available online, in paperback at Barnes and Noble as well as Xulon Press bookstore.

Sullivan’s first book, published in 2018, was “You Are a Godsend.” Sullivan’s second book, “The Judeo-Christian Experience in American Literary History” was published in 2019. He uses a pen name adapted from his years as a local editor: “D. Michael O’Sullivan.”

He retired in 2017 from Teradata, an NCR spinoff. He is now a consultant and local resident.

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Media Group, is the world’s largest Christian self-publisher, with more than 12,000 titles published to date.

Pictured is a book written by former UDC managing editor Michael Sullivan. His pen name is D. Michael O’Sullivan. is a book written by former UDC managing editor Michael Sullivan. His pen name is D. Michael O’Sullivan. Submitted photo photo

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