Community needs library levy renewal


The Champaign County Library is asking for your support in renewing the 0.8 mill property tax levy in this November’s election.

Public libraries are used most heavily during down economies as people look for affordable ways to improve their lives. Libraries exist to help everyone and that help comes in many forms. It could be someone wanting to better themselves by improving personal skills to find a better job. It could be resources to help students succeed in school. We always strive to be there for everyone whenever they need us.

The pandemic is forcing us to adjust our ways of life and the library is no different. We continue to find ways to provide services whether that is through an increase in online resources, grab and go program kits, or drive up curbside service.

The 0.8 mill levy costs the owner of a $100,000 home just $21.90 per year. Because the library has such a great return on investment, we are able to take that $21.90 and purchase materials, programs, and services to provide the community with $85.00 worth of direct benefit from using library resources.

For many in Champaign County, the library is their source for a computer or internet connection, their source for news and information, their source for social interaction, or their source for help getting their child ready for kindergarten.

In order to be here for whomever needs us whenever they need us, we need your help. Please consider supporting the Champaign County Library’s levy renewal this November.


By Ty Henderson


Champaign County Library

This column was written and submitted on behalf of the Champaign County Library and its board members.

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