Richardson case put into perspective


The case of Brooke Skylar Richardson (Urbana Daily Citizen, Sep. 13, p. 9) ended with her getting probation for three years after spending time in prison prior to the trial. That was because there was doubt whether she killed her newborn or whether it was born dead, but she certainly buried its corpse in her back yard. Did she, however, do anything worse than abortionists and their assistants in so-called “Planned Parenthood” clinics? We know from the ongoing David Daleiden trial in San Francisco that babies that a mother “doesn’t want” are regularly born dead because the abortionist kills them in the womb by dilation and extraction (D & E). This involves cutting them up in the womb and extracting the body parts. However, the real prize is to deliver them alive and then do the cutting-up. In that same courtroom on September 6, the CEO of StemExpress admitted that her biotech company supplies beating hearts and intact fetal heads to medical researchers. Heads go for $100 and beating hearts for $30. Daleiden’s videos testify to the truth of this trade (lifesite, Sep. 6).

Until the courts prosecute abortion workers for these gruesome and violent acts, we can hardly blame Brooke Richardson for her decision to deal with her baby the way she did. It’s the kind of atmosphere that we hear of in many high schools — “a woman’s choice.” At least Brooke is sorrowful. Her burial of the baby, too, seems better than dumping babies’ remains on landfills, as the hospital-waste companies working for abortuaries do.

The Lebanon court seems not to have referred Brooke to any of the many post-abortion counseling centers in Ohio, which can help alleviate the pain that women experience who have aborted or tried to manage a stillbirth alone. For a listing of these centers, contact Champaign County Right to Life (937 653-6745 or [email protected]).


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