End of school year this and that


Congratulations to all of our local graduating senior class members.

If you were in band or choir, please consider enjoying “making music” as you continue your education, or move into other endeavors. Music is for a lifetime!

Congratulations are also due to students engaged in music activities throughout the summer. A few persons’ names have reached me. Caitlin Burchett, an incoming freshman at Mechanicsburg, attended the concert band camp at Capital University. She also auditioned on clarinet for the High School “Junior Winds” Band at Capital and has been accepted.

Samantha Schwaderer, who will be a freshman at West Liberty-Salem this fall, attended the High School Flute Workshop at The Ohio State University.

Anna Gaertner, who is a junior home-schooled in the Triad District, studied voice at the Cedarville University High School Music Camp. Becky Preston, violist and a senior at Urbana High School, will continue in the Springfield Youth Symphony Program.

Matthew Craft, a junior at Graham High School, auditioned for a flute position in the Springfield Youth Symphony and has been accepted.

In addition, many of our county youth will be attending church camps, which offer a musical component to their studies.

It is important that we also recognize and congratulate our Middle School/Junior High music students for their participation in the Music Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Event at Greenville Middle School.

West Liberty students (solo and rating):

7th Grade:

Anna Byrd, vocal solo (1) superior

Mia Elliott, vocal solo – superior

Ivy Cline, piano solo – superior

Julia Wilson, vocal solo (2) excellent

Sidney Larison, vocal solo, excellent

8th Grade

Raven Johnson, vocal solo – superior

Samantha Schwaderer, flute solo – superior

Elijah Shafer, vocal solo – superior

Blair Boyd, vocal solo – excellent


8th Grade

Caitlin Burchett, clarinet solo – superior

vocal solo – superior; piano solo – excellent

Graham Students:

Superior ratings:

Emma Bost, clarinet

Aiden Greek, alto saxophone

Donny Carpenter, trumpet

Claire Crockett, trumpet

Kade Dillow, trombone

Tiffany Carter, trombone

Dakota Biddle, tuba, snare drum

Trumpet Trio: Donny Carpenter,

Clare Crockett, Kelsey Demarco

Excellent ratings:

Lexi McAlexander, clarinet

Briana Bailey, alto saxophone

Jeremiah Pelfrey, alto saxophone

Lauren Smith, tenor saxophone

Thanks to Brice Henry and Jeff Buell for providing much of this information.

All of the spring concerts and programs K-12 in our schools have been much appreciated. Our students and teachers are to be acknowledged for their musical gifts to the community!

By Jan Ebert

The Music Stand

Jan Ebert is a retired music educator in Champaign County.

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