Johnny Appleseed seeds heading to Outer Space


Mike Mongo, founder of Mike Mongo’s Astronaut Job Fair and author of The Astronaut Instruction Manual, was scheduled to be named Official Ambassador of Johnny Appleseed in Space during his Student Plenary Keynote on Friday at this year’s International Space Development Conference of the National Space Society in Arlington, Virginia.

Johnny Appleseed Museum Coordinator Pam Achenbach-Covert and Urbana University Executive Vice President/CEO Dr. Christopher Washington attended to make the announcement.

Urbana University is the home of the Johnny Appleseed Educational Center & Museum. It holds one of the largest collections of memorabilia and written information about the life of John “Appleseed” Chapman.

“The Educational Center was founded on the belief that those who have the opportunity to study the life of Johnny Appleseed will share his appreciation of exploration, the environment, peace, moral integrity and leadership,” Washington said.

“Mike Mongo is a renown educator and author who has empowered thousands of students in classrooms all over the world to develop an explorer’s mindset, to pursue astronautic careers and to live, work and play in space,” Washington added. “I am excited to announce that Mike Mongo will lead an initiative to send apple seeds from Johnny Appleseed apple trees up to space and return them to Earth for study in classrooms around the world. The project aims to encourage a pioneering spirit among today’s youth and to inspire scientists and space enthusiasts of all ages to venture forth into new frontiers with a spirit of hope, cooperation and possibility.”

Mongo named ambassador of ‘Johnny Appleseed in Space’

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Info from Urbana University.

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