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MECHANICSBURG – Isaac Bryant, the Mechanicsburg High School junior whose March 1 rendition of the national anthem at the district wrestling meet has been viewed worldwide on Facebook by hundreds of thousands of people, returned from a trip to New York where he appeared on Fox & Friends for an interview and sang the national anthem live on television. Within the last week he has also appeared on Daily Mail and a Dayton TV channel. ABC 6 interviewed him at John Glenn Columbus International Airport as he was leaving for New York. He sang and played the guitar during the interview.

“I’ve been real surprised,” Bryant said. “It’s definitely changed my outlook, and I feel things are winding down a little bit, now. But every time I think this might be over something new happens. To me, I feel like I could be surprised every time I wake up, and I really thank God for that.”

Bryant was wrestling at the Division III District Wrestling Championships in Troy on March 1 when the announcer asked if anyone would like to volunteer to sing the national anthem because they didn’t have a planned singer or recording.

“My teammate nudged me because I’m a pretty good singer,” Bryant said. “I’ve had a military family and I’ve grown up in Scouting, so it means a lot to me that I live in the greatest country in the world, so I just wanted to help some people out and sing for them.”

Following the tournament, during which Bryant placed sixth overall in the 145 pound weight class, Bryant said things settled down for a few days until March 3, when a recording of his singing on the Mia’s Photos Facebook page started pulling in lots of views. Bryant said he isn’t sure who runs the Mia’s Photos page or who took the video, but thinks it was a parent of a student from Milton-Union High School. The page includes posts signed by Mia Richardson of West Milton.

Fox News called Bryant on March 5 and invited the Bryant family to New York for the weekend. Isaac said he had never visited New York before, but was able to stop and see the 9/11 Memorial while he was there.

Bryant said he has been in the school’s wrestling program since he was in kindergarten, and has been singing for nearly as long. He participates in the school choir and also played the role of Doody in last weekend’s performance of “Grease” at MHS.

“It’s really my passion… singing, playing the guitar and writing music. I’ve always done that, it’s kind of a big part of me,” he said. “My number one goal after high school is music and to see if I can get anywhere with that. Apart from that I’d like to see if I can be a chiropractor or orthodontist and see if I can get anywhere with that if music doesn’t work out.

“I’m just really thankful to God that this happened and I’m grateful for how cool the town of Mechanicsburg is,” he added. “All the stuff that’s been accomplished in Mechanicsburg, like state titles, and (a U.S. ambassador to India named William B. Saxbe) from Mechanicsburg. I’m glad that I’m a part of that history now, and that’s really important to me.”

Bryant Photo courtesy of Mechanicsburg Exempted School District
Wrestler, singer enjoys moment of fame

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