Results in from local solo, ensemble events


Editor’s note: This is part 2 of 2 columns.

As promised in a recent column, here are the local results for the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) District 11 Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Events.

They are listed by School, Class (A – most difficult, B, or C), Rating (1 superior, 2 excellent, to 5), instrument or voice, and name.

Ratings are usually expressed in Roman Numerals; however, they are simplified here:


Instrumental – Jeff Buell

A 1 trumpet, Bailey Buell

A 1 flute, Matthew Craft

B 1 trumpet, Alleigha Botner

B 1 trombone, Rachel Crockett

B 2 snare drum, Libby Hennings

B 2 timpani, Libby Hennings

B 2 timpani, Randy Nichols

B 1 clarinet, Paige Rudolf

B 1 alto saxophone, Paige Rudolf

B 1 timpani, Leila Smith

B 2 timpani, Jacob Stewart

C 1 bass clarinet, Tylor Demmitt

C 1 snare drum, Randy Nichols

B 1 mixed brass quartet trumpet, Bailey Buell; trumpet Alleigha Botner; trombone, Rachel Crockett; trombone, Ava Buell

B 1 percussion quintet: snare, Libby Hennings; snare, Bradon Trace, tenor, Kalen Tullis; bass, Leila Smith; cowbell, Addy Kave

A 2 piano, Matthew Craft


Vocal – Paul Waibel

A 2 mezzo soprano, Claire Cordle

A 1 alto, Jaden Martin

B 1 Triad Select SATB Ensemble

B 2 alto, Kelsey Cole

B 2 alto, Lydiah Wenger

C 2 mezzo soprano, Makenzi Brautigam

C 2 alto, Ali Cox

C 1 alto, Allison Madison and homeschooled from the Triad District

B 1 piano, Anna Gaertner


Instrumental – John Sharritts

C 2 clarinet, Amory Armstrong

Note: Triad Winter Concert (Band and Choir) will be held on Tuesday, March 5 in the High School Auditorium


Instrumental – David Sapp

A 2 Clarinet, Aidan Leonard, freshman

A 1 Alto Saxophone, Justin Brown, senior

B 3 Flute, Annie Saylor, junior

B 2 Piano, Reagan Hepp, sophomore


Vocal – Rusty Myers

A 1 soprano, Ally Pierce

B 1 alto, Paige Deere

B 1 mezzo, Raegan Hepp

B 3 mezzo soprano, Paige Martinez

B 1 mezzo soprano, Sydney Mefford

B 2 soprano, Mady Skelton

B 2 UHS Women’s Ensemble

C 1 UHS Chamber Ensemble

C 1 UHS Men’s Ensemble


Vocal – Polly Trenor

A 1 Holly Kamper, junior

A 1 Heather Miller, junior

A 2 Andrew Robeson, junior

A 2 Skylar Robinson, sophomore

A 2 Kassi Sherwood, senior

A 1 Faith Smith, sophomore

B 3 Dillon Fagan, senior

B 2 Brady Oder, senior

B 1 Amber Robeson, freshman

B 1 Madeline Shearer, junior

B 1 Lexi Traylor, sophomore

C 2 Adam Cahoon, senior

C 1 Morgan Johnson, junior

C 2 Mark Hughes, senior

C 2 Jacob Ludlow, sophomore

C 1 Randi Nichols, sophomore

C 2 Kylee Overton, junior

C 1 Graham High School Concert Choir Ensemble

C 1 Graham High School Varsity Choir Ensemble

Note: The Graham High School Vocal Department will present a Recital and Concert at Messiah Lutheran Church in Urbana on Sunday, March 3, at 4:30 p.m.

We congratulate all of our students for their fine accomplishments in representing the schools of Champaign County. We thank the teachers and private teachers of the students and we also acknowledge accompanists known to us: Jane Martin, Rita Zerkle and David Weimer.

By Jan Ebert

Jan Ebert is a retired music educator in Champaign County.

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