SPRINGFIELD – Sudden accidents can cause severe damage to the musculoskeletal system, leading to orthopedic trauma. It’s important to get timely, specialist care in these situations and that’s why Mercy Health – Springfield Regional Medical Center is working with Bone & Joint Surgeons of Dayton to provide orthopedic trauma care services at the hospital.

Joining the highly trained emergency department staff at Springfield Regional Medical Center are Paul Peters, MS, MD; Timothy Peters, DO; Shelli Powell, MD; Frederick Reeve, MD; Jill O’Connor, PA-C and Lyndsey Filbrun, PA-C, all of Bone & Joint Surgeons. They will provide quick, accurate and comprehensive care to patients with complex orthopedic injuries.

“By extending our services to Springfield Regional Medical Center, Mercy Health patients will benefit from the skill and expertise of a team with the experience and equipment to care for major orthopedic trauma injuries,” said Dr. Powell, Bone & Joint Surgeons.

“We are pleased to partner with Bone & Joint Surgeons to provide our patients with specialized orthopedic trauma care close to home,” said Steve Sprockett, Mercy Health – Springfield orthopedic service line director. “Our goal is to raise the level of quality orthopedic care in this community.”

Springfield Regional Medical Center’s emergency department can now care provide treatment for patients with:

· Hip and thigh (femur) fractures

· Complex fractures involving the joints of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle and foot

· Tibia and fibula fractures (lower leg)

· Arm and forearm fractures

For more information on the orthopedic trauma service, call 937-342-5626.

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