Mercy Health invests in NucleusHealth


CINCINNATI – After an award-winning implementation of NucleusHealth’s cloud-based image exchange, Mercy Health has provided a direct investment in NucleusHealth and is a minority investor in the company. Mercy Health is on the growing list of innovative health systems that have decided to expand their culture of innovation by funding vendor partners that they believe will provide a breakthrough for the global health care community.

NucleusHealth is revolutionizing the medical imaging ecosystem with its™ image management platform that will bring to market the world’s first-ever cloud-based Picture Archiving Communications System (PACS) designed to utilize the security, scalability and cost efficiencies of the public cloud.

“We immediately saw the value of the NucleusHealth technology on our clinical workflows when we rolled out its first-generation image exchange solution to our 23 hospitals. The technology is cost-effective and helps us meet patient and provider requests for imaging quickly and efficiently,” said Mike Hibbard, Mercy Health Vice President of IT, Applications & Service Delivery. “Mercy Health underwent a full implementation within 90-days, utilizing the software-as-a-service solution system-wide, and built a sharing network of 300 different locations in the following six months. We were thrilled when Microsoft recognized our organizations for this effort with its Innovation Award this March at the Healthcare Information and Management System Society.”

Mercy Health’s IT personnel are now able to use the solution as a backup PACS when the main enterprise PACS is undergoing updates or maintenance. Mercy Health may expand the use of the PACS solution in other applications.

The cloud-based image management platform is comprised of modular solutions. They are all completely in a web browser and provide image exchange, diagnostic and clinical viewing, archiving and a platform-as-a-service for enabling medical software applications. is the first imaging solution to use client-side rendering paired with proprietary adaptive streaming protocols to bypass any latency issues currently experienced with all other cloud solutions. This approach allows for the viewing of large medical images in a browser with the same performance as on-premise workstations. Using the solution, Mercy Health can now provide accurate, speedy images to any clinician, on any web-enabled device, within and outside of their network and positively impact patients to ensure they receive the best care within seconds.

NucleusHealth will continue to operate as a fully independent company but will work closely with Mercy Health to develop the features and workflows necessary for an efficient and secure system-wide deployment of the NucleusHealth browser-based radiology workstation, Microsoft Azure-based cloud storage & processing, and complete medical image management solutions.

“We are very pleased to have this unique opportunity to partner with Microsoft and one of the nation’s best health systems,” said Dr. Vishal Verma, chief executive officer at NucleusHealth. “This combined team has the unique ability to optimize our platform to create a true transformation of the medical imaging market.”

Mercy Health and NucleusHealth believe that this technology can revolutionize the entire medical imaging ecosystem by providing fast viewing and sharing of medical images to patient, physicians, researchers and providers.

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