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SPRINGFIELD – Mercy Health – Springfield announced it has earned the top rating for coronary bypass surgery in Consumer Reports’ July 2018 heart surgery safety guide. Springfield Regional Medical Center also rated well in aortic valve replacement surgery. Consumer Reports rated hospitals that share their data and did well in both heart bypass and aortic valve replacement in terms of complications, mortality and other factors. Consumer Reports listed only 12 hospitals in its 12-state Midwest region and Springfield Regional Medical Center ranked ninth in the region.

Consumer Reports’ data comes from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS), which last year awarded Springfield Regional Medical Center its distinguished three-star rating – the best possible rating – for patient care and outcomes in isolated coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) procedures. STS compared Mercy Health – Springfield’s data to 131,158 other surgeries at 891 different sites and Springfield Regional Medical Center is the only healthcare provider within a 60-mile radius that includes Dayton and Cincinnati to consistently achieve the highest rating of three stars.

“STS’ three-star rating, coupled with Consumer Report’s rating, places Mercy Health – Springfield among the best of the best for heart bypass surgery in the United States and Canada,” said Matt Caldwell, President and CEO, Mercy Health – Springfield. “Our patients and their families and loved ones benefit from access to the best quality care close to home. Congratulations to our cardiac care team for their exceptional work. It’s their dedication that makes this honor possible and ensures that our patients have great outcomes after surgery.”

Highlights of Springfield Regional Medical Center’s performance in coronary bypass surgery include the following data points:

Any major complications/operative mortality

– Springfield Regional Medical Center: 3.3%

– Like group: 13.2%

– STS average 12.1%

Post-op ventilator hours

– Springfield Regional Medical Center: 3.6 hours

– Like group: 12.1 hours

– STS average: 11.8 hours

Use of blood products post-op

– Springfield Regional Medical Center: 6.6%

– Like group: 29.8%

– STS average: 28.7%

Additionally, the readmission rate following coronary artery bypass surgery in 2017 was 5.5% at Springfield Regional Medical Center, compared to 10.6% in the like group and 10.1% for STS average. The 2018 readmission rate for procedure stands currently at 0%.

Consumer Reports rates coronary bypass facilities

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