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Compromise Ohio bill allows wireless antennas on buildings

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A compromise has been reached on an Ohio bill allowing telecommunications companies to place wireless antennas on municipal buildings within city limits.

The legislation followed lawsuits filed around the state last year by municipalities who said a previous law prohibited cities from effectively managing where wireless facilities are placed in local communities.

Mayors and city managers argued the law violated the so-called Home Rule rights guaranteed to municipalities in the Ohio Constitution.

The Columbus Dispatch reports a new bill headed to the desk of Republican Gov. John Kasich will allow communities to regulate the appearance and placement of devices that companies fasten to traffic lights, utility poles, street signs and other public structures.

The bill also would regulate construction of new signal towers.

1 northeast Ohio county sees drop in drug overdose deaths

CANTON, Ohio (AP) — A newspaper reports that drug overdose deaths decreased in one Ohio county last year, contrary to the overall trend in the state.

The Repository in Canton reports Stark County in northeastern Ohio saw 86 overdose deaths, a 27 percent decrease from 2016.

Officials say the drop could be attributable to widespread use of naloxone, an overdose antidote drug credited with saving thousands of lives in Ohio and nationally.

Stark County also has added detox beds and increased access to medication-assisted treatment for addicts.

Law enforcement officers also follow up with overdose survivors, and local schools are using a new drug-awareness curriculum.

John Aller is Stark County Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Chief Executive. He says he’ll be more confident if the trend of fewer deaths repeats itself this year.

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