Johnny Appleseed Museum moves to Browne Hall


In celebration of the new location of the Johnny Appleseed Museum at Urbana University, a branch campus of Franklin University, the Johnny Appleseed Society hosted a private reception. The event provided members of the society, as well as faculty and staff of Urbana University, a sneak peek of the museum’s new location in Browne Hall, scheduled to open to the public Thursday, April 26, with regular hours 1-3:30 p.m. Thursdays and Saturdays.

During the reception, in commemoration of the move and in tribute to Johnny Appleseed’s everlasting contributions to agricultural stewardship, a tree, donated by Jeff Edgar, was planted in the yard adjacent to Browne Hall. The new tree adds to the campus’ agriculture tribute to Johnny Appleseed that began in 1999, when seedlings from the last known surviving apple tree planted by Johnny Appleseed were transplanted in the courtyard outside Barclay-Bailey Hall.

Dr. Ray Silverman, Swedenborg Scholar in Residence, associate professor of religion and English at Bryn Athyn College and author of “The Core of Johnny Appleseed,” provided insights from his newest publication, “Spiritual Development for College Students.”

Silverman has edited, revised and authored a number of books, published multiple articles and has lectured nationally and internationally on theories of biblical atonement. In addition to his research, his primary focus is on helping people understand spiritual principles and apply them to their lives. This includes the development of several spiritual growth programs: Spiritual Freedom (Farmhouse Productions: 2009), Happy, Joyous and Free (Farmhouse Productions: 2012), and, most recently, Sunroom Spiritual Growth Groups (2014-2016:

About the Johnny Appleseed Educational Center & Museum

The Johnny Appleseed Educational Center & Museum holds the largest collection of memorabilia and written information about the life of John “Appleseed” Chapman in the world. Complete with a computer research database, a family history, and National Registry of Johnny Appleseed’s relatives, the museum is a wealth of history and a lot of fun.

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