Sanctuary cities corrupt elections


California recently passed legislation stating that they are a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. This means they allow illegal aliens into California and our union, and they do not require them to go through any background checks.

They are now giving these illegal aliens driver’s licenses, which allows them to register to vote in California. This means California is allowing the election of our President to be influenced by foreigners, while liberals are worried about Russian influence in the previous election. It is very ironic.

California is not the only place that has declared itself a so-called sanctuary for illegal immigrants. States like Maryland, the City of Chicago, and even College Park, just outside of Washington D.C. are also allowing illegals to vote.

Unfortunately, this sanctuary city movement is compromising our very precious system of voting and elections. I have had a few people write to my office stating that we should have a popular vote where the President is elected by the most votes cast and not by the Electoral College that our Founding Fathers established. Election by popular vote was not a good idea back then, and it is not a good idea today.

It is not that I am against immigrants. My grandfather came here legally from Italy, and it took him seven years to save up enough money to bring my grandmother over to America on a boat in the 1920s.

I am all for immigration, but it must be legal immigration where they learn about our country and our system of government. Most importantly, we should learn about them through background checks and maybe even a waiting period. The liberals talk about background checks and waiting periods all the time for guns. How about they stop letting illegals into our union to vote and background check them!

This is why I have co-sponsored House Bill 179, which would prohibit sanctuary cities in Ohio.


By Nino Vitale

Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) is the State Representative for the 85th House District, which includes all of Champaign and parts of Shelby and Logan counties. He can be emailed at [email protected] or reached by phone at (614) 466-1507 or (800) 282-0253.

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