UU speaker explores roots of sexual violence


Urbana University, a branch campus of Franklin University, hosted Keith Edwards, speaker and educator of men’s identity, social justice and sexual violence prevention, on Feb. 26.

Part of the changing campus culture initiative, Edwards participated in a faculty/staff session and student session to invite the university community to “actively participate in changing the campus culture by addressing the roots of sexual assault.”

He defined and explored the realities of sexual violence, traditional approaches on campus and in society in general, and helped to reframe how to approach sexual violence prevention proactively.

The two sessions helped individuals of all genders recognize and intervene not just when sexual violence is imminent but at the roots of sexual violence in daily lives. Participants left the session with a vivid understanding of the issues and tangible ways to make change happen.

The university also hosted a dinner with local law enforcement, area superintendents and high school principals, social service agencies and other community partners.

Urbana University presented this Changing Campus Culture presentation through the sponsorship of Project Woman, which offers programs and services to protect, educate and empower those affected by domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

About Keith Edwards

Over the past 15 years Edwards has spoken and consulted at more than 150 colleges and universities, presented more than 150 programs at national conferences and written more than 15 articles or book chapters on sexual violence prevention, men’s identity, and social justice education. His research, writing, and speaking has received national awards and recognition including ACPA Dissertation of the Year and ACPA Diamond Honoree.

He co-chaired ACPA’s Presidential Task Force on Sexual Violence Prevention in Higher Education and co-edited the publication Beyond Compliance: Addressing Sexual Violence in Higher Education. He is currently co-editing a book on sexual violence prevention and response in higher education. His TEDx Talk on Ending Rape has been viewed around the world.

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