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The Peoples Savings Bank of Urbana as turned banking upside down – again. The local Ohio community mutual bank launched their new and improved Web site on March 1, 2018, a new approach to an online presence that once again sets themselves apart from other banks and typical banking practices. Designed to educate and mentor bank customers through oftentimes complex and confusing financial decisions, the new Web site is part of a larger overall strategy to empower consumers and businesses with tools to reach their financial dreams. The new Web site can be reached at

Apart from traditional banking Web sites that focus solely on selling financial products and services, TPSB challenged themselves with creating a fresh approach that reinforces financial education through tips, advice, and best practices for consumers and small-business owners alike. The ‘dream’ theme comprises several online categories including Buying a Home, Refinancing a Mortgage, Buying a New or Used Car, Investing in a Farm, and more. Within TPSB product descriptions for each theme, the Web site incorporates extensive knowledge-based tips, guides, best practices, and interactive financial calculators to help individuals and businesses make informed financial decisions before they spend or invest their hard-earned money.

“The Peoples Savings Bank has created a new Web site that leverages the financial knowledge of our staff to help TPSB customers and clients empower themselves with responsible financial decisions, “ said bank President Brian Nicol. “As a small, local, community mutual bank, our success remains in large part due to outstanding relationships and service. With over 200 years of collective banking experience on staff, it makes perfect sense to share that knowledge and help our customers avoid unnecessary pitfalls and oversights.”

The Web site’s ‘Buying a Home’ dream theme illustrates the bank’s fresh approach to home ownership above and beyond simply quoting rates and selling a mortgage.

“Our online tools guide customers through the entire home-buying process including creating a budget and getting prequalified, picking the right location and home, comparing recent sales, negotiating price, hiring an inspection, the closing process, and eventual move-in,” Nicol said. “ As the lending bank we’re an important step in this process, but the process is often long and complicated outside our doorstep. By educating our customers and simplifying these external steps, it makes our job easier to offer the right product or service because everyone is working toward the same goals. By helping our customers save money, they can and will re-invest those savings in other products or services we offer. It’s a win-win.”

The new Web site is the culmination of nearly two years of development. Staff members were assigned themes specific to their area of expertise, then asked to draw on decades of banking experience to provide tips and advice to help new and existing TPSB customers make better financial decisions. Respected industry sources were supplemented to further reinforce the messaging. Each dream theme is organized with step-by-step guides that are easy to navigate and understand.

“Financial cybersecurity and online scams are equally important subjects that target customer wealth and privacy concerns,” said Bill Evans, Assistant Vice President. “Our new Web site also does a great job of educating customers on how to protect themselves from these threats so they are able to navigate a safe and secure path to dreams on their wish list.”

The new Web site is one of the most comprehensive of its kind ̶ especially for a small community bank in central Ohio. But Nicol sees the benefits stretching beyond the Internet and spreading into the branch offices where customers directly interface with staff members.

“For 125 years, we’ve been a service-oriented bank that has taken great pleasure in treating customers as friends and neighbors – because they are,” he said. “Our long-term strategy is to provide the same value-added tips and tools from our Web site to customers walking through our front doors. It’s an atmosphere we believe leads to happier customers.”

About The Peoples Savings Bank

The Peoples Savings Bank (TPSB) is a local, mutual, community savings bank located in Champaign County, Ohio. With two branches in the city of Urbana, TPSB is a State-Chartered bank insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) that manages over $100M in diversified assets including personal and business savings and checking, home mortgages, auto loans, real estate loans, farm loans, IRAs, and HSAs. TPSB offers the latest banking technology such as mobile banking, debit card, ATM, credit card, and e-statements, while serving seniors with the Advantage50 Club and engaging in local charitable activities through financial sponsorship, volunteerism, and in-kind giving.

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