Ohio ends same-day driver’s license issuing


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio said Wednesday it’s ending the same-day issuing of Ohio driver’s licenses and will mail them instead to save money and increase security.

Licenses will arrive about 10 days after they’re issued once the change takes effect July 2, the Department of Public Safety said. Drivers will be issued temporary licenses and ID cards in the meantime.

The agency says the temporary cards will be valid for proof of identity and residence when voting.

Drivers can also request driver’s licenses or ID cards that meet federal regulations for travel. Travel restrictions taking effect in October 2020 will require federally compliant driver’s licenses to pass through airport security. There’s no extra cost for these licenses.

A star in the upper right hand corner of licenses will designate those compliant with federal regulations. Obtaining that credential will require documents such as birth certificates or passports, copies of social security cards and utility bills showing people’s address.

Residents who must renew before July 2 will have to return again within two years if they want the federally compliant ID. There’s no reduction in license fees the second time for people in that position because fees are set by lawmakers, said Kristen Castle, Public Safety Department spokeswoman.

Ohio joins 41 other states that provide licenses and ID cards through the mail.

The change announced Wednesday will prevent loss and theft of secure material from motor vehicle bureaus, provide a centralized and more secure printing facility and save money in the form of the cost of upgrading security measures at individual bureaus, the Public Safety department said.

Will soon be sent via mail


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