No Rhythm & Foods Festival in 2018


Well, the time has come to make the difficult decision to forgo the 2018 Rhythm & Foods Festival.

It has been a very hard, yet, smart choice to make.

Although I really enjoyed putting this event together, it has come at a high cost financially and emotionally, for my family.

First, I want to say thank you so much to our close friends and family, who worked tirelessly and unselfishly to make it a success. All I did was create the mess. All of you helped make it something many people loved and looked forward to.

To the food vendors who stuck with me from the beginning – I’m sorry I let you down. I had hoped you would reap huge benefits from our event, making it one you would never miss out on.

To all of the naysayers who wanted it to fail … I guess you were right.

To everyone that came back time and again to enjoy a great event for our community, thank you too. You truly understood the fun that this event could be.

To all of the non-profits that helped with the various activities … thank you. We really wanted you to benefit for years to come. In fact, the one area I’m proud of is in the three years we donated over $30,000 to local non-profits (unfortunately, ultimately all of that and then some came out of our pocket).

Having said some of this, know that I am not sad for myself. Hey, I tried. I didn’t fail. I just didn’t succeed. Big difference.

I do feel bad for everyone that so looked forward to the next event. People would actually check in soon after the event, so they could schedule their vacation for the next year.

The one person I need to thank the most, and probably had the most stress, would be my wife, Darcy. I’m lucky she lets me pursue my crazy dreams.

Smile, keep your head up and continue to support music and food wherever you go.


By David Bacher

David Bacher helped create and organize the Rhythm & Foods Festival held each summer in Urbana.

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