Brown nominates Weller to Merchant Marine Academy


U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has announced his nomination of seven students from Champaign, Greene, Miami, Montgomery and Shelby counties to attend U.S. Military Service Academies.

He nominated Jared Weller of Urbana to the Merchant Marine Academy.

“Ohio schools are training young women and men who will be the next generation of military leaders. I am honored to nominate these outstanding students for our prestigious U.S. Military Service Academies,” said Brown. “These Ohioans embody the integrity and courage needed to represent and uphold the values of our nation. I am grateful for their dedication to serving our country.”

Each year, Brown nominates students for each slot available at the country’s service academies requiring congressional recommendations. This year, openings were available for Brown to nominate up to 20 students to the Air Force Academy and up to 10 students to the Merchant Marine Academy, the Naval Academy and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. A nomination does not guarantee acceptance into a service academy. The Academy’s Admissions Board ultimately decides who receives an appointment.

The nominations are based on the recommendation of a Service Academy Selection Advisory Committee assembled by Brown. This committee is comprised of former academy graduates, active service members, veterans, parents of academy attendees, and community leaders from throughout the state. The committee conducts rigorous interviews before selecting the final candidates.

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