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COLUMBUS – The Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) is accepting applications for the 2018 Ohio Tax Amnesty. Ohio Tax Amnesty officially began Jan. 1 and will end on Feb. 15. This limited-time program is available to eligible taxpayers – individuals and businesses – with unreported or under-reported tax debts. Over the course of the next six weeks, taxpayers who fully pay qualifying tax delinquencies will owe no penalties and only half of the interest normally charged. ODT is encouraging eligible taxpayers to take advantage of the Ohio Tax Amnesty and move forward without tax liabilities.

“The Ohio Tax Amnesty is intended to help well-meaning taxpayers to make good on their obligations and it allows the state of Ohio to collect outstanding tax revenues to help keep tax rates low for everyone,” said Ohio Tax Commissioner Joe Testa.

Testa says similar amnesty programs in the past resulted in millions of dollars of additional tax payments from thousands of participants. That money was funneled back into state and local government services benefiting all Ohio residents. The goal this year is to generate upwards of $20 million in tax revenue for Ohio.

Applications and instructions for the Ohio Tax Amnesty are now available online via http://www.OhioTaxAmnesty.gov/PrepareAndApply. To file, eligible taxpayers must mail their completed applications, tax returns and full payments to this address by Feb. 15:

Ohio Department of Taxation

Tax Amnesty

P.O. Box 183050

Columbus, OH 43218-3050

As ODT announced last year, the Ohio Tax Amnesty includes the following taxes: individual income tax; school district income tax; employer withholding tax; employer withholding for school district income tax; pass-through entity tax; sales tax; use tax; commercial activity tax; financial institutions tax; cigarette and other tobacco products taxes; and alcoholic beverage taxes. The Ohio Tax Amnesty will only be available to individuals and businesses with a tax liability that is unknown to ODT, and only for taxes that were due and payable as of May 1, 2017.

If you want to learn more about the Ohio Tax Amnesty, visit www.OhioTaxAmnesty.gov. Questions can also be directed to ODT via its toll-free phone number: 800-304-3211.

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