Health District collecting tires Oct. 28


Champaign County residents can get rid of car and truck tires Oct. 28 when the county Health District hosts a Scrap Tire Collection 9 a.m.-noon at the county fairgrounds. This service is only for county residents. Those delivering tires are asked to use the Park Avenue entrance to the fairgrounds.

There is a 10-tire limit per drop-off. Agriculture tires, semi tires and tires with rims will not be accepted.

The Health District reports that 7,000 tires were collected last year, good news for those interested in limiting mosquito-breeding sites. Rain falls into old tires, creating perfect breeding grounds.

Starting in July, the District trapped mosquitoes throughout the county for 12 weeks and sent them to the Ohio Department of Health’s lab to see whether they carried viruses, including the West Nile Virus.

The Health District issued the following info and advice to ward off mosquitoes and their nasty bites and diseases:

-Mosquitoes can live indoors and outdoors. Some species bite during the day while others bite at dusk and dawn.

-Wear light-colored long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

-Use Environmental Protection Agency-registered mosquito repellent and follow the directions.

-Install or repair screens on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes outside.

-Help reduce mosquito breeding around your home by getting rid of potential mosquito breeding sites to help prevent mosquito borne diseases.

-Empty standing water from flower pots, gutters, buckets, pool covers, pet water dishes and bird baths. Discard tires. A cup of water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

For more information, call the Health District at 937-484-1606.

Take steps to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds. steps to eliminate mosquito breeding grounds. Photo courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control,
Don’t let mosquitoes breed on your property

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