On Monday, May 8, A&B Asphalt Corporation of Springfield is scheduled to start work on the city of Urbana’s 2017 Asphalt Program, which is under contract for $301,699.63 with funding being provided by the city’s yearly share of permissive tax revenue and city income tax revenue that has been paid into the city’s Capital Improvement Fund.

Along with the scheduled asphalt work, curb replacement is planned on West Ward Street between North Main Street and North Russell Street and some portions of Community Drive with funding for the curb and gutter work being provided in part by the city’s newly implemented Stormwater Fund.

No-parking restrictions will be in place within work areas, and vehicles parked in violation within work areas will be towed. During some phases of work, thru-traffic may be restricted. In addition, flaggers may be used by the contractor on some streets to maintain traffic. Under this program, the following streets and public properties are scheduled to be paved: Community Drive; West Ward Street between North Main Street and North Russell Street; James Avenue between College Way and South Edgewood Avenue; South Edgewood Avenue (bridge over railroad tracks); and the city-owned parking lot between West Water Street and West Market Street (behind Gloria Theatre and post office).

The contractor plans to start on West Ward Street where curb and gutter replacement, including curb ramp replacement, is planned prior to the resurfacing work. After the curb replacement work is finished on West Ward Street and some portions of Community Drive, the contractor will mill (grind down) the streets and parking lots to be repaved. Prior to resurfacing, Community Drive and West Ward Street will be chip sealed as an interlayer. James Avenue will be patched and chip sealed. New asphalt will then be laid as a surface course on all of the aforementioned areas except for James Avenue.

In addition to the paving work, the contractor will be crack sealing existing pavements as a pavement preservation technique throughout the city on the following streets: East Reynolds Street from South Main Street to South Kenton Street; Gwynne Street from North Main Street to Railroad Street; Union Street from Gwynne Street to Mosgrove Street; Mosgrove Street from Railroad Street to North Oakland Street; Eagle Street from Mosgrove Street to Pindar Street; Pindar Street from Railroad Street to North Oakland Street; Hagenbuch Street from Railroad Street to North Oakland Street; West Twain Avenue from North Russell Street to North Main Street; and Oak Dale Cemetery drives (newest section).

Later this summer, a paving project by the Ohio Department of Transportation under a separate contract with A&B Asphalt Corporation will complete the resurfacing of state Route 29 between the U.S. Route 36/state Route 29 split and the eastern corporation limit near Eastview Drive. This $502,098.54 resurfacing project will also resurface U.S. Route 36 East between the split and North Dugan Road upon significant completion of the current roadway project on U.S. Route 36 East.

The city is responsible for a 20 percent local match or $100,419.71 of this ODOT-administered resurfacing project.

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Submitted by the city of Urbana.