Man sent to prison for domestic violence, harassment


A man charged with attacking residents as he attempted to remove a child from a home was sent to prison Wednesday.

Christopher J. Brim, 29, was sentenced to 30 months in prison less than a week after pleading guilty to two counts of telecommunications harassment and one count each of domestic violence and obstructing official business during a plea hearing on March 10.

On Jan. 16, Urbana police officers responded to a Sweetman Avenue residence to handle a domestic disturbance involving Brim.

Brim had reportedly entered the house to try to pick up his child for whom he has no custodial rights. As he was trying to take the baby from the home, Brim reportedly assaulted a couple of residents who refused to allow him to leave with the child.

As officers arrived, they recognized Brim and were aware of an active Union County warrant for his arrest. The officers told Brim he was under arrest and he immediately began threatening officers telling them he was not going to jail.

Brim fought with officers in the living room as they were arresting him and trying to place handcuffs on him. Ultimately, pepper spray was used to subdue Brim and he was taken to the Tri-County Regional Jail.

A journal entry on the sentencing hearing states Brim was on community control from the Union County Common Pleas Court for a corrupting another with drugs charge at the time of his Champaign County offense.

The court imposed the maximum sentence because Brim committed acts of violence in front of multiple small children while on community control from another court and during his arrest threatened the health and safety of arresting officers. The court noted Brim continued to engage in threatening behavior while incarcerated at the jail during the case.

In addition to the prison sentence, Brim was fined $800.

Upon his release, Brim is subject to post-release control for a period of up to three years.


By Nick Walton

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