Steroids creeping into the Hall of Fame


The Baseball Hall of Fame just announced its 2017 induction class, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame will do the same on Feb. 4.

It’s hard to argue with baseball’s induction class of players Jeff Bagwell, Ivan Rodriguez and Tim Raines as far as stats are concerned.

But Rodriguez and Raines are both controversial due to the issue of drugs – Raines admitted he was on cocaine during a portion of his career and Rodriguez was named in Jose Canseco’s book as a user of steroids.

Two other steroid-tainted greats – Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds – have moved closer to election and will probably get in within the next few years.

Both probably would have been Hall of Famers anyway even if they hadn’t used steroids late in their careers.

Many members of the Baseball Writers Association of America have decided to now vote for steroid users since former Commissioner Bud Selig was elected to the Hall by a veterans committee earlier this year.

Selig was in charge of the game during the steroids era and many believe he turned a blind eye to the problem since more home runs equalled more revenue for the owners.


Former running back LaDainian Tomlinson – the NFL’s fifth all-time leading rusher – is probably a sure thing to be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year.

After that, it gets a bit murky.

Former quarterback Kurt Warner and former safety John Lynch are safe bets to make it some day, and this might be the year.

The late Cardinals and Chargers head coach Don Coryell is also on the ballot, although I would rate several coaches ahead of him.

Coryell never won a Super Bowl and went 3-6 in the playoffs.

Tom Flores, Jimmy Johnson and George Seifert each won two Super Bowls and they aren’t even on the ballot this year.


Trivia Time – Brett Favre replaced Don Majkowski as the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers in 1992.

This week’s question – Don Coryell coached which college football team from 1961-72?

By Steve Stout

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