Urbana Youth Sports needs volunteers


Two Urbana youth programs are looking for volunteer Program Directors, operating committees or an organization to take over for the 2017 season.

As announced last year, Urbana Youth Baseball and Softball is in need of volunteers to run this spring’s program. The programs can be run as one, or they can be split and run individually. The need for this is immediate, as registrations normally begin in late February and early March.

Also announced last year, Urbana Youth Soccer is looking for the same. That program usually gets started with registrations in June.

As Urbana Youth Sports has done for over a decade, UYS is willing to support new volunteers/organizations willing to run the programs. Resources UYS can provide is a website with electronic registration, a treasurer, equipment, liability insurance, concessions equipment if desired, etc.

Responsibilities for each program include, as a minimum:

– Organizing the complete program.

– Scheduling and conducting player registration. (UYS can assist with electronic registration)

– Securing sponsors for operating funds. (the standard has been one per team)

– Managing and being responsible for all program money. (UYS will assist with a Treasurer)

– Developing teams.

– Developing game schedules.

– Managing program rules for each age group.

– Ordering uniforms.

– Managing all program equipment and ordering new needed equipment through UYS.

– Scheduling/paying officials/umpires.

– Managing and being present/available for games.

– Developing and managing a tournament schedule, if desired.

– Ordering and distributing trophies.

– Collecting and inventory of all equipment after season.

– Work with City of Urbana Parks and Recreation if games are held at City Park.

– Recognizing and meeting all city, state and federal requirements.

– If desired, concessions with equipment and avenues for ordering product for resale.

If you are interested or know of anyone or any organization interested in leasing one of these programs, please contact: [email protected] or (937) 215-2216.

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