DAR announces Good Citizen Winners


What better way to Honor our Heritage, Focus on the Future, and Celebrate America than to recognize outstanding young people who exhibit the qualities of a good citizen? The DAR Good Citizen program and Scholarship Contest is intended to do just that. The students selected as the school’s Urbana Chapter DAR Good Citizen must have the following qualities:

1. Dependability (truthfulness, honesty, punctuality, etc.)

2. Service (cooperation, helpfulness, responsibility, etc.)

3. Leadership (personality, self-control, initiative, etc.)

4. Patriotism (unselfish loyalty to American ideas)

Each high school faculty chooses three seniors who have demonstrated, in an outstanding way, these qualities of a good citizen. From these three students, the senior class selects one student winner to represent his or her school as Citizen of the Year.

It is my pleasure to announce the Good Citizens for 2015-16. Jacob Debuty was chosen by the Mechanicsburg High School senior class. Jacob is the son of Tracey and Charles Debuty. He has taken part in many of his high school activities, and plans on going to college in the fall of 2017.

Katie Hartsel represents West Liberty-Salem High School. She is the daughter of Joe and Julie Hartsel. Katie has also been very active in her four years of high school, and also plans on a college career in 2017.

Bridgit Ofori is our Citizen of the Year from Urbana High School. She is the daughter of Barnaby and Joyce Ofori. Bridgit has been very active in various organizations and plans a college career following high school graduation.

Our Graham High School representative is Nathan Zavada. Nathan is the son of Bill and Sharon Whitt, and John Zavada. Nathan has been very active while in high school, and as our other three, plans on a college education following high school.

Each of these four outstanding citizens receives a DAR Good Citizen pin, certificate, and wallet recognition card, plus a $50.00 prize from our Urbana Chapter. We are extremely honored to recognize Jacob Debuty, Katie Hartsel, Bridgit Ofori, and Nathan Zavada as Citizens of the Year from our Champaign County High Schools.





By Patricia Detwiler

Urbana Chapter, DAR

Submitted by the Urbana Chapter DAR.

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