Enrollment open for 2017 USDA safety net coverage


Producers who chose coverage from the Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) or the Price Loss Coverage (PLC) programs can now visit the Farm Service Agency county office to sign contracts and enroll in coverage for 2017. The enrollment period will continue until Aug. 1. Although the choice between ARC and PLC is completed and remains in effect through 2018, producers must still enroll their farm by signing a contract each year to receive coverage.

The Champaign County Farm Service Agency encourages producers to call the office and schedule an appointment to enroll this winter.

When you make your appointment, please also inform the Farm Service Agency Office of any changes to your farming operation. Producers who have bought or sold land, or added or dropped rented land from their operation must report those changes to the FSA office as soon as possible. A copy of the deed or recorded land contract for purchase property is needed to maintain accurate records with FSA. Failure to do so can lead to possible program ineligibility and penalties. While making record updates, be sure to update signature authorizations. Making record changes now will save time in the spring.

If a farm is not enrolled during the 2017 enrollment period, producers on that farm will not be eligible for financial assistance from the ARC or PLC programs should crop prices or farm revenues fall below the historical price or revenue benchmarks established by the program.

The two programs were authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill and offer a safety net to agricultural producers when there is a substantial drop in prices or revenues for covered commodities

For more information and to schedule your appointment, please contact the Champaign County Farm Service Agency office at 937-484-5527.

By Leah Smith

Executive Director

Champaign County Farm Service Agency

Submitted by the Champaign County Farm Service Agency.

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