Officiating very poor in NFL playoffs


The officiating in last weekend’s NFL playoff games was pathetic, almost as bad as the games themselves were.

During the post-season, the NFL breaks up officiating crews and puts together “all-star crews” to work the playoffs.

The result is that the officials don’t work well together, which isn’t surprising since they didn’t work together all season.

Regular-season officiating crews should continue to work together in the playoffs.

As for the games themselves, too many mediocre teams qualify for the playoffs in the NFL.

The top four teams in each conference should be the only ones reaching the playoffs, but the league desperately craves the extra revenue the wild-card round brings.

It’s much more likely the league will expand the playoff field even further rather than shrink it down to where it should be.


Besides being an accomplished artist and the Urbana High School athletic trainer for 30 years, the late Mike Simpson was also a student trainer for the Ohio State football team under legendary head coach Woody Hayes.

Simpson was a Buckeyes’ student trainer for all four years he attended OSU, according to his sister, Pat Detwiler, which encompassed the fall of 1959 through the spring of 1963.

While Simpson mainly worked with the football team, he also assisted with other sports at OSU during the off-season, according to his sister.


Trivia Time – Former Ohio State assistant football coach Tom Herman is currently head coach at the University of Texas.

This week’s question – Who was the leading rusher for Ohio State’s undefeated 1961 football team?

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