Salem Township road maintenance levy finally passes


After multiple attempts, Salem Township voters finally passed a road maintenance levy Tuesday.

According to unofficial results, the five-year 2.9 mill additional levy for road improvement in the township, excluding the city of Urbana, passed 607 votes to 567 votes. Since 2010, the township has tried multiple times to pass a road maintenance levy.

The levy is expected to raise an estimated $181,500 in revenue annually.

On Wednesday, Salem Township Trustee Rick Clyburn said the levy passing is a relief.

“I’d like to thank the voters that got this done and now we will be working to get the best value for our dollar on that and we will make sure that it goes to very, very good use,” Clyburn said.

Clyburn said the township’s persistence paid off as previous levies were getting closer to passing and more people were getting informed about the issue.

With the levy passing, Clyburn said the township will spend the winter planning how they can attack roads and prioritize which need worked on first.

“That’s what is going to be the subject of our next few meetings – just what roads we need to attack first and what they need done to them because we have several of them that are really breaking apart,” Clyburn said. “We’ll have to get some experts in here to look at the roads, tell us what would be the best repair method for them and start getting plans made to get them repaired.”

By Nick Walton

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