Carry on Warren Stevens’ legacy


Warren S. Stevens was a man who always stood for doing the right thing. He began his political career years ago as a city councilman for the city of Urbana. Warren chose to begin his political career strictly out of love for the Urbana Community. Many years later that love for community continued as he began serving on the Urbana City School Board. Each and every time Warren campaigned it was by personally knocking on doors and pounding the cement. It didn’t matter what political affiliation you were; Warren Stevens was there to talk with you and share ideas. It didn’t matter what side of town you lived on; Warren Stevens was there to listen to your concerns.

“I looked forward twice a year to seeing Warren as he would stop by my office in Washington D.C. to talk education and more.”

—Republican Congressman – Jim Jordan

“I had the pleasure of serving with Warren on the Ohio School Board Association. The whole city has come together, but none have found a way to fill the void. He was loved and respected, passionate for kids, cures for cancer and loved his community.”

—Democratic Columbus City School Board Member – W. Shawna Gibbs

Warren was a man of ideas and integrity. He truly felt we’re all in this together. In short Warren S. Stevens was a hard worker and extremely dedicated to the Urbana Community and Urbana Schools.

We implore those who care in carrying on his legacy to please make your voice heard!

Audrey Stevens


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