Urbana board deadlocks on replacement


Urbana City Schools board was unable to appoint a replacement to fill Board Vice President Warren Stevens seat.

Stevens died in a car accident Sept. 28. The board met Monday in a special meeting to consider the replacement; it is the second special meeting of the board attempting to fill the vacant seat.

After a short executive session, board member Tim Lacy motioned to appoint Yale Cline, a retired educator of Springfield City Schools. Board member Jack Beard seconded, but the motion failed 2-2; board member Alyssa Dunham and Board President Jan Engle voted against.

Then Dunham made a motion to appoint Darrell Thomas, an 18-year Honda employee, and Engle seconded. That motion also failed 2-2, with Lacy and Beard voting against.

Dunham then made a motion to appoint Sarah Finch, a retired administrator of Sodexo School Services. Sodexo provides food and cafeteria services to Urbana City Schools. Engle seconded, and the vote was again 2-2 with Beard and Lacy voting against.

At the special meeting Oct. 10 it was a similar result; the board voted 2-2 on Cline, and then 2-2 on Thomas. Finch was not brought up for a motion.

The board did not discuss their reasons for their votes at the brief meeting.

The board previously interviewed Cline, Thomas and Finch of the eight total candidates interested in the position.

The school board has until Oct. 28 to appoint someone to fill Stevens’ seat; if it does not, the Champaign County Probate Court will make an appointment for them. The board also meets today (Tuesday) in a regular meeting, and it may try to appoint at that meeting.

“There are things that need to be considered and thought of,” Beard said before the board adjourned. “If we can, we need to get a direction. I would like to (make an appointment) without letting it go to probate.”

By Casey S. Elliott

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Casey S. Elliott may be reached at 937-652-1331 ext. 1772 or on Twitter @UDCElliott.

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