Historical Society seeks new members


WEST LIBERTY – The West Liberty Historical Society has launched a membership drive for the month of October. A single membership is available for $25 for three years. The cost for couples is $45. Longtime members of the WLHS are seeking present and past residents of the West Liberty community to lend their support to the goals of the society: “to preserve the cultural legacy of said village and surrounding area for present and future generations and to, when financially possible, undertake or aid and assist in the restoration or repair of historically significant buildings in the village and its surrounding area.”

The Society has just one Annual Meeting but the Executive Committee plans to update members on new and continuing projects. The greatest benefit of membership is the knowledge that you are a part of something bigger and longer lasting than yourselves which is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of our community. There will be opportunities to contribute input, time and talents to ongoing projects. Currently the Historical Society in restoring the Town Hall and trying to preserve one of the oldest homes in town, the Bailey House, for a future museum.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this community endeavor, please send membership dues, name and email to the West Liberty Historical Society, Box 159, West Liberty, OH 43357.

By Donna Erwin


West Liberty Historical Society

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