Bengals flop in 28-14 loss to Dallas Cowboys


Just when the Cincinnati Bengals needed a good performance, they failed to show up in the first half of last week’s 28-14 loss to the Cowboys.

Ohio State product Ezekiel Elliott – a rookie for Dallas – is a great running back, but Cincinnati’s defenders looked like they were playing flag football when trying to catch him.

The Bengals are 2-3 heading into a likely loss at New England on Sunday, and not many teams end up making the playoffs after starting 2-4.

A tough schedule is taking its toll, but I suspect the way last season ended when Cincy gave away a playoff game to the Steelers is also bogging them down.

Losses like that one are tough to overcome, and why most teams would have fired their head coach after such a debacle.


Most people try to avoid being humiliated, but FOX Sports announcer Joe Buck must enjoy it.

I have no idea why Buck recently felt compelled to write a book in which he describes in detail how he was addicted to getting hair plug procedures, and that he still might get more done even though his vocal cord was once severely damaged during one.

Being FOX’s lead sports announcer, he certainly doesn’t need the money that comes with writing a book.

And I don’t know how such a story really helps anyone else since I suspect few people are actually addicted to hair plug procedures.


Trivia Time – All-Pro safety David Fulcher finished his NFL career with the Los Angeles Raiders in 1993.

This week’s question – Where did Joe Buck’s late father, sportscaster Jack Buck, attend college?

By Steve Stout

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