2016 Ohio State Fair Commercial Cattle Show Results


MARYSVILLE – The 2016 Ohio State Fair Commercial Cattle Show participants exhibited 25 pens of three for a total of 75 head of commercial steers and heifers on July 31, 2016 during the fair. This year’s event featured a newly added Junior Division. Judging the event were Dick and Bob Jurgens, from Illinois. The show was managed by United Producers, Inc. and the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association served as a sponsor.

Prosser Brothers of Urbana, Ohio, exhibited the Overall Grand Champion Lot of 3 in both the Junior and Open Divisions, both of which were also named the Champion Lot of 3 Steers. The Prosser’s Junior Division champions had an average weight of 1,335 pounds and their Champion Open Division entry averaged 1,361 pounds. Austin Wiseman from Malta, Ohio, took home the Reserve Champion Lot of 3 honors in the Junior Division with his Pen of 3 Steers, recording an average weight of 1,347 pounds. Winning the Reserve Champion Overall in the Open Division with their Reserve Lot of 3 Steers, weighing an average of 1,272 pounds was Phelps/O’Connor Farms Limousin of Belle Center, Ohio.

In the Open Division, Fred Voge, West Alexandria, Ohio, hung the banner for the Champion Lot of 3 with his pen of heifers weighing in with an average of 1,280 pounds. The Reserve Champion Lot of 3 Heifers also went to Fred Voge, weighing in at an average weight of 1,179 pounds.

Winners of the live show received premiums of more than $5,000 from the Ohio State Fair.

JBS Moyer harvested the cattle and supplied the carcass data for the 2016 Ohio State Fair Commercial Cattle Carcass Contest. Hot carcass weights ranging from 597 pounds to 929 pounds. Yield grades ranged from 1 to 4. Over 70 percent of the contest entries fell into the Choice category, and 18 percent graded Prime. This year’s show had zero dark cutting carcasses.

In the Junior Division, Grand Champion Carcass honors went to Austin Wiseman from Malta, Ohio with Pen 9. Reserve Champion went to Cameron Young, Huntsville, Ohio, with Pen 13.

In the Open Division, Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Carcass honors went to Fred Voge with Pen 24 winning the carcass contest and Pen 23 coming in with Reserve Champion honors. Two carcasses from both the Grand and Reserve Champion graded Prime.

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