Cavs make remarkable comeback to win NBA title


Just when it seemed the Cleveland Cavaliers were down for the count in the NBA Finals, they did the unexpected: the Cavs rallied from a 3-1 deficit to win in seven games.

Teams from Cleveland aren’t supposed to do that – or at least, they hadn’t been able to do it since the 1964 Browns walloped the Colts in the NFL title game.

Golden State’s collapse was remarkable considering two of the final three games were played on the Warriors’ home court.

Cleveland’s LeBron James proved with his performance in the Finals that he is truly one of the NBA’s greatest players ever, maybe even on par with Michael Jordan.


It was just nice to see an Ohio pro team win a championship.


Dustin Johnson officially won last week’s U.S. Open by three strokes, but everyone – except the USGA rules official – knows the victory was really by four strokes.

Johnson was penalized a stroke because his ball moved at address on the 5th green.

Big deal.

Johnson had nothing to do with the ball moving a millimeter on the green, yet the USGA made it point to inform Johnson and other contenders while on the course six holes later that he might be penalized a stroke.

He had to play the final holes wondering if was going to be assessed a penalty stroke … as if leading a U.S. Open wasn’t nerve-rattling enough.

Luckily, he overcame the adversity and won by enough strokes that the USGA couldn’t take it away from him.


Trivia Time – Blanton Collier was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns in 1964.

This week’s question – Which Ohio native received a two-stroke penalty in the 1960 Masters for practice putting on the green following the conclusion of a hole?

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