City’s 2016 paving scheduled to start Monday


On Monday, May 23, A&B Asphalt Corporation of Springfield is scheduled to start work on Urbana’s 2016 Asphalt Program. This year’s program is under contract for $313,205 with funding provided by the city’s yearly share of Permissive Tax revenue and city income tax revenue paid into the city’s Capital Improvement Fund. In addition, the Champaign County Engineer’s Office is providing $55,000 in project funding for the resurfacing of the county’s portion of East Powell Avenue.

No-parking restrictions will be in place within work areas, and vehicles parked in violation within work areas will be towed. During some phases of work, thru-traffic may be restricted. Under this program, the following streets are scheduled to be paved:

1) Railroad Street from West Light Street to the northern dead end of the street

2) Union Alley from Glenn Avenue to eastern dead end of the street

3) Railroad Street/Weidmann Way from Union Alley to Gwynne Street

4) North Russell Street from Miami Street to Gwynne Street

5) East Powell Avenue from South Kenton Street to state Route 54 (cooperative project with the Champaign County Engineer’s Office)

6) West Powell Avenue from South High Street to the western dead end of the street

Where required, these streets will be milled first, with milling scheduled for Monday, May 23, and Tuesday, May 24. Prior to paving, some of the higher traffic streets will receive a fiber reinforced bituminous membrane, or FiberMat ™, to strengthen and waterproof the existing pavement base to reduce future repairs and cracking on the newly paved surface. All paving work is scheduled to follow the milling and FiberMat ™ installation.

In addition to the paving work, the contractor will crack seal existing pavements as a preservation technique throughout the city on the following streets:

1) East Lawn Avenue from Scioto Street to Bloomfield Avenue

2) Washington Avenue from East Lawn Avenue to Dorothy Moore Avenue

3) Dorothy Moore Avenue from Washington Avenue to Boyce Street

4) Boyce Street from Dorothy Moore Avenue to the eastern dead end of the street

5) Fountain Circle

6) Diamond Court

7) South High Street from Miami Street to College Street

8) West Drive from Rogers Drive to Sweetman Avenue

9) East Drive from Rogers Drive to Sweetman Avenue

10) Sweetman Avenue from West Drive to East Drive

11) Lewis B. Moore Drive (state Route 55) from South Main Street (U.S. Route 68) to the western corporation limit

The crack sealing work is weather-dependent and is anticipated to begin on Tuesday, May 31.

In addition to the city Asphalt Program, the Shelly Company recently resurfaced Taft Avenue and installed new curb ramps on this street. This $85,387 project was funded with a $63,000 Community Development Block Grant secured through the Champaign County Commission. In addition, the city provided $22,387 in Capital Improvement Funds toward the Taft Avenue project.

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