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The Create, Write, Dream 4H Club met for its April 28 meeting. After reviewing old business, the club voted to collect paper products and personal hygiene items such as toothpaste and toothbrushes for West Liberty Cares Food Pantry for a May community project. For a “health” report and as part of his 4H computer project, Graham Higgins explained how to keep your computer healthy. He demonstrated using compressed air in a can to gently remove the dust from the inside your computer tower; he shared prepackaged wipes designed for flat screens and any screen which cannot be cleaned using alcohol-containing products. Graham also listed types of computer viruses and how to avoid getting them in your computer – scan flash drives prior to putting information from them onto your computer, never open emails or links from unknown sources, and be aware of harmful web sites. To close the meeting, the club discussed items to collect for decorating the booth in the theme of “175 years of Magic at the Fair”, in celebration of the 175 Champaign County Fair this year.

Ian Higgins

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