Some PGA players not participating in Olympics


Golf will be returning to the Olympics this summer after a 112-year absence, but it appears some PGA players aren’t that interested in participating.

PGA stars Adam Scott, Vijay Singh, Louis Oosthuizen and Charl Schwartzel have all recently announced they will not be participating in the Rio Games.

It also appears likely other players will follow suit now that those four have set the precedent.

Some are blaming it on the Zika virus, although mosquitoes probably won’t be as much of a problem considering it will be winter in Brazil when the Games are held. And if Zika really is that big of a concern, the Games should probably not be held at all.

Others are blaming it on some players being overpaid brats who don’t really care about supporting their sport.

The sport of golf is in a lull these days, so the last thing it needs is great players choosing not to show up for the biggest stage of the year.

It’s no secret the sport would like to spread more into China and its untapped market of a billion or so people … the prospect of golf thriving in the future probably depends on it.

Fortunately, players on the LPGA Tour are thrilled with the idea of competing in the Olympics.

“It’s going to be one of the biggest things to happen to women’s golf,” says LPGA player Christina Kim. “I think at some point every kid dreams of competing in the Olympics, but I’m not sure any of us ever thought we’d have the chance to do so through golf. And to represent your country as part of that experience would be the ultimate honor.”

It’s too bad more PGA players don’t feel the same way.


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