Champaign County employers receive workplace safety awards

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation recognized three Champaign County employers for their strong workplace safety records. The businesses received BWC’s Special Award for Safety for at least 500,000 hours and six months without an injury resulting in a day or more away from work.

Recognized employers are Honeywell International Inc. – 2,951,838 hours worked; KTH Parts Industries – 1,287,367 hours worked; and Urbana University – 634,835 hours worked.

“These employers have not only received a special recognition for an outstanding accomplishment, they more importantly have demonstrated a commitment to sending their workers home safely each night,” said BWC Acting Administrator/CEO Sarah Morrison. “I encourage each Ohio employer to strive for zero workplace injuries by making safety a high priority, which can help prevent claims and lower workers’ compensation costs.”

The awards were presented during the annual awards meeting of the Champaign County Safety Council, one of more than 80 across the state that serve as partners in BWC’s efforts to educate employers and workers about the importance of workplace safety. Safety councils are organized by local business organizations to inform participants of new safety standards and regulations, products and services, and provide a thorough knowledge of topics, including occupational safety and health, workers’ compensation and risk management education.

Honeywell, KTH and UU recognized

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