Commission approves police sergeant eligibility lists


The Urbana Civil Service Commission approved two eligibility lists for the open sergeant position with the Urbana Police Division.

During a meeting on Wednesday, the commission approved the eligible list and certified eligibility list for the sergeant position. Both lists contained the same three candidates.

The candidates on the list in order of highest to lowest scores are Shawn Schmidt, Chris Snyder and Jason Kizer.

The position has been vacant since November 2015 following the retirement of former sergeant John Purinton. The commission approved starting the police sergeant promotional process during the same month, establishing an anticipated appointment date for March 2016.

As the promotional process continued, the process was delayed following multiple testing errors. In February, the commission approved rescheduling testing dates for the promotional process until April.

During a commission meeting held on April 8, the commission also approved changes to a patrol officer eligibility list after being informed that a list approved in February was no longer valid and needed to be replaced with a new certified eligible list.

Urbana Police Lt. Seth King stated during the April 8 meeting that two of the candidates on the previous eligibility list withdrew from the process and one candidate was disqualified.

The five candidates on the patrol list approved earlier this month in order of highest to lowest scores are Jacob N. McGuire, Carter S. Jenkins, Marcus A. Pisch, Joseph M. Gordon and Tyler J. Reasor.

King noted on April 8 the division was dealing with two vacancies following the retirements of Purinton and former officer Todd Burkett in March.

Urbana Police Chief Matt Lingrell stated Wednesday that the division is still dealing with these two vacancies. Once these vacancies are filled, Lingrell stated this will bring the division to at least 19 officers although the division remains hopeful they will at some point be given additional help with manpower which is below past staffing levels of 23 officers they had in 2010.

By Nick Walton

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