Warrant issued for man accused of robbery


A capias warrant was issued Monday for a man charged with robbery.

Damon S. Williams, 19, was indicted last week on two charges of robbery stemming from a March 27 incident. Williams was scheduled to appear in court Monday for a continued arraignment hearing.

A journal entry issuing a capias states Williams failed to appear at the hearing.

Prior to the hearing, a motion to revoke bond was filed. In the motion, Champaign County Prosecutor Kevin Talebi states on April 7 Williams was granted a personal recognizance bond with a special condition of house arrest with electronic monitoring at an Urbana residence.

On the following day, the prosecutor’s office was contacted by a resident of the residence who indicated Williams did not have permission to live there. The office was also informed that Williams had requested their assistance in cutting off his electronic monitor. After this request was denied he reportedly left the residence.

After the prosecutor’s office requested assistance from the Urbana Police Division, the office was informed that Williams’ ankle monitor was tracked to Springfield where it remained in a fixed location on a street through the overnight hours.

The motion states the ankle monitor was detected moving throughout the Springfield area and then started moving south toward Beavercreek. The motion notes Urbana police believe the monitor was cut as the Tri-County Regional Jail stated they received an electronic notification of a strap tamper, which often indicates the monitor has been cut.

On March 27, Williams was arrested following at Wal-Mart, 1840 E. U.S. Route 36. Urbana police had responded to a reported struggle between a thief and a store security person.

Police arrived and found store security trying to hold Williams down after he had been stopped for allegedly stealing $256.34 of merchandise from the store. Police found during the struggle, Williams was flailing and kicking at store personnel which resulted in physical injuries to them.

Police took him to jail on robbery for physically fighting with Wal-Mart employees during his attempt to escape after having been caught stealing.

In addition to Williams, police located a partner working with him to steal merchandise on March 27 in a vehicle in the parking lot and was detained at the scene.

Quaran A. Johnson, 43, was issued a summons for theft and then released after police recovered additional stolen merchandise from her vehicle.

While an arraignment hearing in the Champaign County Municipal Court was scheduled for March 28, Johnson failed to appear and a warrant was issued in her case.


By Nick Walton

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