Commission approves changes to patrol officer list


The Urbana Civil Service Commission approved changes to a patrol officer eligibility list last week.

During a meeting on Friday, Urbana Police Lt. Seth King explained the patrol officer eligibility list the commission approved in February was no longer valid and needed to be replaced with a new certified eligible list.

Two of the candidates on the previous eligibility list withdrew from the process while one candidate was disqualified.

The five candidates on the new list in order of highest to lowest scores are Jacob N. McGuire, Carter S. Jenkins, Marcus A. Pisch, Joseph M. Gordon and Tyler J. Reasor.

King noted the division is now dealing with two vacancies following the retirements of former sergeant John Purinton in November 2015 and former Officer Todd Burkett in March.

The commission was also informed about a potential issue with the Urbana Fire Division’s physical agility test. Urbana Fire Chief Mark Keller said the division has a written and physical agility test as part of its hiring process.

He said the division’s back stairway has been prevented from being used due to weather damage.

“We use that stairway for physical agility testing and we won’t be able to use that,” Keller said. “We have some retirements potentially this year so I wanted to just kind of give you some information now to think about and then we’ll come back maybe at a later date to formalize other options that we have.”

Some of the potential alternatives Keller mentioned included a candidate physical ability test or CPAT at an off site location or holding the agility test at Clark State.

No action was taken regarding this subject.

By Nick Walton

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