A St. Paris resident is facing a felony assault charge after she kicked a Champaign County Sheriff’s Deputy this week.

Connie J. Lewis, 29, of 7206 Millerstown Eris Road, was charged with a fourth degree felony assault and misdemeanor resisting arrest stemming from an incident on Wednesday.

According to a court statement filed in the Champaign County Municipal Court, deputies responded to Lewis’ residence on that date in regard to a welfare check called in by a truancy officer advising that children had not been to school in three days.

Upon arrival, dispatch advised that Lewis has an outstanding warrant from the Ohio State Patrol. After being informed of the warrant, Lewis was advised she could gather items, smoke a cigarette and say goodbye to her children.

As she gathered items, Lewis began walking into the kitchen area where a deputy was standing and grabbed a set of keys. The deputy asked why she needed the keys, to which Lewis replied “so she could drive home from jail.”

After deputies stated that it was time to leave, Lewis reportedly began walking into a bedroom and grabbed another cigarette to smoke. Lewis was told she was under arrest and ordered to put the cigarette down.

After beginning to light the cigarette, deputies attempted to escort Lewis out of the residence. She continued to resist and not comply with orders and at one point “mule kicked” a deputy twice in his right shin area.

While Lewis was being placed in a patrol vehicle, she began kicking the door and yelling at deputies.

According to the Champaign County Municipal Court’s website, Lewis was given a court-appointed attorney on Thursday and a pretrial hearing is scheduled for April 5. Her bond was established at $10,000.

She was booked on felony assault charges

By Nick Walton


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