CCPA auction to raise funds for local preservation


It is back. The Décor and More Auction is back. The auction is the first of several fundraising events that the CCPA holds every year. It will be held Saturday, April 30, at 1 p.m. at the Mabry Auction Gallery in Urbana. So, please help!

CCPA stands for Champaign County Preservation Alliance and our goal is to raise monies to help preserve Champaign County’s history thru its architecture. Our biggest preservation project is the 2nd Baptist Church in Mechanicsburg, which was just recently featured in the Daily Citizen. We also have donated monies to the Grand Works Project for their restoration work on the Gloria Theater, monies to help with the work on the Douglas Hotel and paid for the repair and installation of the wrought iron balconies on the Sowles Hotel.

The CCPA also awards fundraising monies to two matching Façade Grants to residential structures and one matching Façade Grant to a commercial structure. Grants are awarded for exterior preservation prior to 1940. Projects must include restoration to original or period condition using existing or approved applications Awards will be based on its impact to the local area or neighborhood. Photos of exterior are required with application and work must be completed by Dec. 31, 2016.

And here is where you can help us. We need donations of home décor items and garden items. We are all spring cleaning right now and have decided we do not need that vase or lamp in the room. Or our closets are busting out at the seams as well as our garages, and even that attic. So donate it to the auction. We are looking for good clean home décor items in excellent condition such as antiques, furniture, glassware, china, artwork, mirror, architectural items, quilts, silver, crystal, brass, garden items, lawn furniture, etc. Items we all use to decorate our homes. CCPA will not accept exercise equipment, appliances (both large and small), clothing, purses, bed linens, or box lots from garage sales. All items donated will be auctioned off to help raise monies for our restoration projects throughout Champaign County.

Entertainment at the auction will be provided by the famous “Dynamic Duo.” Food will be provided in the concession stand. Lots of fun and laughs. For more information or questions you might have, please feel free to call Barb at 937-653-4776. Donations will be accepted at Mabry Auction Gallery from April 25 thru April 28 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you are unable to deliver your item(s), again please call Barb at937-653-4776.

As like all our events, It is open to the public. So start looking for those new or gently used items that you no longer want to hold onto and then donate them for the auction. Then, come to the auction and have some fun. Who knows you might find that perfect item for your home. Remember all monies raised thru the auction will stay in Champaign County.

You donation is greatly appreciated.

Donations of home decor and garden items sought

By Barbara Perry

Champaiagn County Preservation Alliance

Submitted by Champaign County Preservation Alliance.

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