Urbana taking curbside cleanup event to residents


The city of Urbana is offering residents the opportunity to rid their homes and properties of unwanted solid waste this spring through a residential curbside community cleanup event April 12-15.

“This is a first-time event for us in that we are not requiring residents to haul (solid waste) somewhere,” Director of Administration Kerry Brugger said. “Previous attempts at cleanup events, which were very successful for the city, required people to haul stuff to a central location. This often left a lot of people out who didn’t have someone who could load it or haul it to the location.”

To give all residents the chance to participate, City Council voted last month to hire Waste Management to manage the curbside cleanup at a cost of $25,000, with the funds coming from the city’s Compost/Recycling Fund.

“Waste Management is going to follow its current recycling route here in the city, so if they pick up your recycling bin in front of your residence, they will be picking up whatever you put out to the curb during this cleanup event as long as it falls within the guidelines,” Brugger said. “It’s not a hazardous waste cleanup. This is strictly for solid waste disposal only.”

Residents wishing to participate in the spring cleanup are asked to place items at the curb April 9-11 for pickup April 12-15.

Waste Management will not retrieve items placed in alleyways or on private property, and trash trucks will only be making one pass through the city.

“Once your stuff is picked up, crews will not be returning,” said Deb Aksenczuk, city administrative assistant. “If Waste Management comes across items they are not supposed to take, they are not going to take them. These items will remain on the curb, and it will be the homeowner’s responsibility to get rid of them.”

Acceptable, unacceptable items

During the spring curbside cleanup, residents can dispose of yard waste (must be bundled or bagged), household doors and windows, glass, mirrors, furniture, mattresses/box springs (must be wrapped in plastic and taped) and carpeting (must be rolled and tied in no longer than 4-foot sections). All glass must be less than 3-by-4 in size, and broken glass must be placed in a box, taped shut and marked “broken glass.”

All small items must be in bags or containers as loose piles will be left for disposal by the homeowner.

Bags may not exceed 35 pounds, and containers may not exceed 75 pounds.

While there are no size restrictions for furniture or household items like appliances and mattress, all other individual items must be under 5 feet in length, under 3 feet wide, under 3 feet high and less than 100 pounds.

Items Waste Management will not pick up include auto parts, electronics, construction/building materials, chemicals, propane/gas tanks, fencing, concrete, iron/steel, dirt, sod, stumps, medical waste, and appliances that haven’t had the Freon removed.

Residents with questions about the curbside cleanup can contact Waste Management at 937-318-5421.

“We hope people will take advantage of this service by getting rid of some things they’ve being meaning to get rid of but never have,” Brugger said.

By Joshua Keeran

[email protected]

Joshua Keeran may be reached at 937-652-1331 (ext. 1774) or on Twitter @UDCKeeran.

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