WL-S Science Olympiad Team earns 4th place


WEST LIBERTY – The West Liberty-Salem Science Olympiad Team earned 4th place out of 42 teams at the New Albany Invitational. The Middle School Science Olympiad Orange Team won 15 medals and ribbons, winning a fourth place trophy at the New Albany Science Olympiad Invitational. The Middle School Black Team won three ribbons.

Results included: Air Trajectory (5th Michael Farquharson, Paul Kauffman), Anatomy/Physiology (8th Lee Ackley, Lizzy Davis), Bio-Process Lab (2nd Lauren Fowler, Kayla Hudson), Crave the Wave (7th Michael Farquharson, Matthew Schuster), Crime Busters (2nd Tyler Motzko, Hailey Duncan), Disease Detectives (6th Kayla Hudson, Hailey Duncan), Dynamic Planet (3rd Tyler Motzko), Fossils (4th Graham Higgins, Maria Henderson and 5th Sam Benedict, Cade Clerico), Green Generation (8th Lauren Fowler, Kayla Hudson), Invasive Species (7th Mathew Schuster, Lee Ackley), Meteorology (2nd Paul Kauffman, Cade Clerico), Reach for the Stars (7th Zach McCall, Paul Kauffman), Road Scholar (2nd Zach McCall, Cade Clerico), Scrambler (9th Zach McCall, Michael Farquharson and 5th Emily Hawkins, Luke Hudson), Wind Power (6th Michael Farquharson, Matthew Schuster; 7th Logan Tompkins, Garrett Richardson), Write It Do It (8th Kayla Hudson, Lauren Fowler).

The WL-S High School Team won a medal and a ribbon for Fossils (3rd Ian Higgins, Connor Motzko), Wright Stuff (5th Miranda Etgen, Connor Motzko).

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