Group, EverPower says wind turbine agreement near Indian Lake a win-win


LAKEVIEW — Officials at EverPower and members of Logan Hardin County Neighbors United are answering to a group’s claim that a recent deal struck left some residents high and dry.

Hardin Wind, a subsidiary of EverPower Wind Holdings Inc. based in Pittsburgh, originally planned to construct up to 176 wind turbines and associated electric transmission facilities in Hardin and Logan counties. The project, called the Scioto Ridge project, originally was planned to cover 17,000 acres of leased private land in the two counties and produce up to 300 megawatts of power.

Advocacy group Fight The Wind consolidated with a local group, Logan-Hardin County Neighbors United, to fight the project. The group had pointed to several different reasons for blocking the project, including health, safety, tax abatements, and risk to wildlife. Homeowners near Indian Lake feared the project would hurt local tourism. Fight The Wind had been working with Logan-Hardin County Neighbors United to stop the project. However, Logan-Hardin County Neighbors United ultimately reached a deal to reduce the number of turbines to be constructed.

“With the support of the Indian Lake community, including businesses, residents and local officials, the board members labored many hours to protect the tranquil beauty of this treasure,” said Logan-Hardin County Neighbors United President Don Eggenschwiller. We appreciated the professionalism of the staff of EverPower, which helped produce this historic agreement.”

After eight months of meeting with residents, EverPower reduced the number of turbines to build to 107. The units are expected to produce 225 megawatts of power at full output. The project will provide $1 million in landowner payments annually. EverPower said the turbines would also create 14 full-time jobs and generate $1.8 million in local revenue to local government and school districts.

“Striking a balance with the community’s concerns, while allowing a large, secure, clean energy project to proceed is a win for everybody,” said project manager Jason Dagger with EverPower. “We are excited to move forward with the potential of up to a $250 million investment in Hardin and Logan counties.”

Fight The Wind vowed to continue to try to stop the project.

By Lance Mihm

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