Readers comment about Urbana’s roundabout …


Jamie Horn: If people used a turn signal it would be a great thing but instead you have to guess whether someone is going straight or turning so it doesn’t work.

Sharon L. Travis Taylor: Get rid of it.

Stacey Coy Ziegler: It would work great if people would use it they way they should. Too many inconsiderate people in a hurry though so it defeats the purpose of it.

Marc Williams: If you have crosswalks you have to have lights. The parking is a huge distraction so get rid of the parking spots for grass and park benches. Might encourage some cafes or lunch trucks for people who work downtown to not drive at lunch. I have seen many roundabouts throughout the world and this is the best one (when it had lights).

Sharon Callicoat Wallace: It’s horrible for people walking. The turn lane doesn’t watch for pedestrians. Someone is going to get hit. It was much better with lights. I know many say lights made traffic backed up. I still see backed up traffic every day without the lights.

Jim Couchman Jr.: I don’t mind it. Traffic does flow better but some people just don’t understand how to use it. My Dad will go out of his way not to drive through it.

Theresa Carroll Carter: Need to build the bypass so you don’t have big trucks going through the roundabout …

Bobbie Riley: Avoid it when I can.

Chad Collins: Too many people don’t know what yield means…too many people are getting hit and having accidents since they took the traffic lights out … it’s even harder to go though the square in a semi..need to bring back the traffic lights.

Pat Bodey: I hate it and avoid it any way possible.

Elaine Nickell: It’s ridiculous! You either have people who barrel through, not even slowing down, or you have some who refuse to go and just sit there allowing 20 cars to go through! This causes major backups. Put the traffic lights back in!

Todd Shiverdecker: I think in this modern age with everyone in a hurry and so much traffic, you need the lights. Helps make it safer and gives newbies time to figure it out.

Lindsey Applegate: If people used it correctly, it would work. Roundabouts work fine if you yield properly and use a turn signal when turning. I’ve driven in plenty of much larger roundabouts in the UK and never had an issue over there. I know a lot of people that aren’t even sure of the traffic rules in the roundabout and basically just speed through. Something needs to be done because of the pedestrian safety though.

Don Mcintosh: Can’t see pedestrians after dark. They take for granted drivers are going to stop.

Roberta Yoder: Love it as long as everyone is watching for pedestrians. Traffic flows much better. As a pedestrian, I am very cautious when crossing.

Aileen McLaughlin Horch: So the city paid a consultant to study if a roundabout would work and now they are paying another consultant to see if it’s working or needs fixed. Sounds like a colossal waste of money in a town that needs to concentrate more on recruiting factories and other jobs into our area. It’s your tax dollars folks!

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