Pathfinders successful due to community-minded people


It has taken many community-minded people to have the faith and trust to stand behind The Simon Kenton Pathfinders. The SKP has worked diligently to make our community a better place to live. You may say you don’t ride a bike, walk, run or roller blade, so why do you need a multi-use trail? Well, let me tell you why. Not too many years ago we can remember when a stroll on a street or road was not an uncommon thing. Safety was not an issue. Today, with heavy traffic it is not an easy thing to do. Drivers have one thing on their mind, the shortest and fastest way to wherever they are going. Safety is one of the many reasons we constructed a trail for families to spend time. Our community deserves this now and for future generations.

In building the trail we have cleaned up areas that have fallen into disrepair and made them beautiful for everyone. Our children and grandchildren are going to be able to take a walk in nature and all its beauty and not have to pay to see it. Our generation had visionaries who took care of the land and preserved areas for us. It is now our responsibility to teach the young children of today about the great outdoors and its value. What they do not value they will not protect, and what they do not protect, they will lose.

This community would not be where it is today without the people, organizations, businesses and groups that have donated money or time to support it. The Simon Kenton Pathfinders want to thank everyone who supports the community. Let’s keep the pride in Champaign County. Thank you to all the sponsors of Simon Kenton Pathfinders Memorial Ride and all the support we have received over the last 18 years! We are grateful to all the people who said yes to this project.

Cyclists pause while on the Simon Kenton Pathfinders 2015 Bike Tour. pause while on the Simon Kenton Pathfinders 2015 Bike Tour.

By Nancy Lokai-Baldwin

Nancy Lokai-Baldwin is president of the Simon Kenton Pathfinders.

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