Champaign County treasurer to use tax lien sale to collect delinquent taxes


Champaign County Treasurer Robin K. Edwards said she will be collecting more revenue for the county, schools and other taxing districts by holding the county’s first tax lien sale. She will use Tax Ease Ohio, LLC as an additional tool in collecting delinquent taxes.

At least 24 other counties in Ohio use this program. All administrative costs are absorbed by Tax Ease Ohio, LLC, and all correspondence is approved through the Champaign County treasurer.

Tax revenue will be received immediately, ensuring that taxing districts receive tax dollars needed for their operations.

In a tax lien sale, the treasurer sells past due taxes to Tax Ease Ohio, LLC and the property owner will pay an annual interest rate of 17.5 percent. A tax lien certificate will be filed in the county Recorder’s Office. The tax payer will have an additional 12-18 months to pay the delinquency. Once satisfied, the lien will be released. Tax lien payments will be made to Tax Ease, while current tax payments will continue to be made to the county Treasurer’s Office. Should a tax payer fail to pay, Tax Ease may foreclose on the property upon which the lien was placed.

It is the policy of the Treasurer’s Office to work with the taxpayers, Edwards said. “We are committed in assisting the citizens of Champaign County in meeting their obligation to pay their real estate taxes by offering several delinquent tax contract options,” she said.

Notification will be sent, on or around Oct., to those eligible for the tax lien sale due to delinquencies.

“Should a notice be received,” Edwards said, “we encourage payment in full or entering into a delinquent tax contract with the Champaign County Treasurer’s Office, prior to Nov. 3. Contracts through the Treasurer’s Office eliminate any additional penalties and interest as long as you meet your written pay plan obligation. Entering into a contract with the Treasurer’s Office is far more beneficial than allowing a property to go through the tax lien sale.”

For more information, contact the Treasurer’s Office at 937-484-1640.

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